How do we proceed after Fine Company takes over?

We take care of everything

We proceed step by step.
First we take over your traffic fines, digitally provided by the authorities. We take care of contracts with the authorities (e.g. Dutch CJIB + CVOM) on behalf of your company. Furthermore we start organizing digital delivery of lessee information to us. As soon as this has all been taken care of, Fine Company can start handling your traffic fines immediately! Through our fine management webportal, you’re able to check relevant management info at all time.
For parking tickets and foreign traffic fines, the process is much the same. The only difference is the way these fines are scanned and uploaded.

Gaining trust

If you never worked together, you’ll have to prove what you promised each other. Trust has to be earned.
Our customers are always able to check pdf’s of all uploaded fines in our webportal. This concerns the digitally downloaded traffic fines from central governments as well as the manually uploaded parking and foreign fines. This way, you will be able to verify that our digital process is ‘waterproof’.
Vice versa, we are able to verify whether your information provision towards Fine Company meets the necessary requirements.

We pay what goes wrong

Trust is nice, covered risks are better. That’s why Fine Company gives a guarantee: of every reminder for which we are to blame, we’ll pay the fine raise imposed.