‘Full relief at substantially lower cost. That’s what we go for!’


Peter van Rijswijk and Harrie van Beek,
founders Fine Company

For whom are we there?

We want to be the best partner for car rentals, leasing companies and their customers. Our commitment is to relieve you and to allow you to benefit from better service at lower cost. This will place your company in a position to focus more on its core business.

How do we do that?

We believe that service providers are able to be successful only if all parties in the supply chain benefit from it.
We achieve added value by:
– exploiting economies of scale
– optimization of legislation
– smart use of information technology
– a service oriented organisation

What do we offer?

We take over full handling of all traffic, parking and foreign fines from our customers. We do so by offering you a digital solution that fully exploits the legal possibilities and provides the maximum cost saving. Click here to see how it works.

What does it cost?

Fine handling by Fine Company has to result in cost saving.
Per fine only a few euros is being charged. This rate depends on fine type and contracted service level. Also extra services – like digital matching or mailing of transfer requests to the authorities – we offer at very affordable rates.

What does it provide?

The cost saving that outsourcing of your traffic fines results in, is of course a pleasant profit.
But no one is satisfied if you’re stuck with misery when things go wrong. That’s why Fine Company guarantees correct handling: a fine raise as a consequence of a failure caused by us is on our expense. Now that ‘s real relief!

What does it mean?

You ‘ve got your business, we ‘ve got ours. Everyone their own profession.
Our services provide that you don’t have to worry about an annoying sideshow for you: traffic fines.
This enables you to focus more on your core business. And to save money at the same time…